Focus Time Psychology is able to provide a range of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and other related psychological and counselling services. As a private practice, fees are payable on the day of service, including consultations with a mental health care plan referral (MHCP). We accept credit card, EFTPOS transactions, cash or direct deposit. A receipt will be provided at the end of each session. 3rd party provider accounts are available, prior approval is required before consultation. Focus Time Psychology does not provide reports for insurance, court or for other 3rd party related matters.

Medicare rebates: Focus Time Psychology accepts GP and Psychiatrist referrals under the Medicare Better Access program.  This may enable rebates on specific and focused psychological services provided by a registered Psychologist at Focus Time Psychology. To access this service, a referral letter and completed menthal health treatment plan (MHCP) must be completed prior to the session by your referring provider.  MHCP will cover part of the session fee only, we will not be bulk billing from 1st March 2021. A MHCP may allow for up to 20 psychologically focused rebated consultation per calendar year.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Neville Shackleton is able to provide Gold and White card holders (specific conditions) access to psychological services with an appropriate referral.

Open Arms (formerly Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS)) Neville Shackleton, is registered to provide services under Open Arms. Call for further information.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Please call your provider to authorise Neville Shackleton to provide services under your EAP. 

Private health funds please check with your private health fund for psychological service refunds.

Fees and Rebates for consultations and other services provided by a registered Psychologist

Service Description 

Upfront Fee

Medicare Rebate

After Rebate

Standard 50 min ** (including Telehealth)

$170 (Jan 2021)



Standard 50 min (private – full fee)

$170 (Jan 2021

Not available

Short between 20-40 min (private – full fee)


Not available

Relationship counselling 75 min


Not available


Please call

Not available

Letters and reports ***


Not available

Letters and reports (3rd party invoiced)

$254/hr (+10% GST)

Not available

**          with valid mental health care plan referral

***        excluded Medicare and other 3rd party required reporting

Cancellation Policy

 Appointments cancelled within less than 24 hours will be charged the full rate for that appointment.